• Morning Rush
  • Individual Session


Cryotherapy Sessions

First Timers-New customers can see what all the fuss is about with a discounted sesssion rate of just $25.00

Individual Session:  $40.00

Student (with ID):  $20.00

  • Cryo Series

Save money with a Cryo Series-(personal use or gifts) can be used up to 365 days from the date of purchase

     Series of 5 Sessions:          $275.00  (Regularly $325.00)

     Series of 10 Sessions:        $449.00  (Regularly $650.00)

  • Monthly Memberships

Individual:  (one session per day):  $249.00 (3 month minimum contract)

Family:  $399.00 for 2 family members (save $100.00, 3 month minimum)

     Add additional family members for just $150.00 each

Just 3 Minutes for  Whole Body Recovery

Cold therapy has profound analgesic effects.  I use it to treat sports injuries, inflammatory rheumatic diseases, degenerative diseases and all manner of chronic painful conditions....There are also huge psychological benefits.  It can ease depression and insomnia, and has good effects on stress."

-Dr. George Kettenhuber